Lake Ontario Fishing Charters - Pulaski, NY 2022

Updated: Nov 29

What a great spring it has been! Between our charters on Cayuga Lake and Lake Ontario we have been blessed to put lots of fish in the boat and put lots of smiles on people's faces. It is now the transition period where we start to focus more heavily on Lake Ontario Charters for June, July, and August. The King Salmon have started migrating across Lake Ontario and are starting to end up in our neck of the woods on a more consistent basis as they begin to prepare to run up the Salmon River this fall.

This year our 31' Tiara will be docked on the Salmon River below the Route 3 bridge. This allows us prime access to staging King Salmon grounds and Lake Trout land. Not to mention, it also offers us excellent Brown Trout fishing in the Spring and Summer.

Lake Ontario Fishing Charter
Our 31' Tiara Open

The Lake Trout fishing on Lake Ontario June through September can be extremely good with our trips usually ending in limits and sore arms in fast order. Once we get our limit of Lake Trout, we fish for either Brown Trout or Salmon.

Our official full on, hardcore Salmon fishing charters on Lake Ontario start in July and run through September. On these trips, Salmon are our first priority and we will do everything in our power to get you boxed out on trophy King Salmon and Coho Salmon. If time is remaining, we will head to fish for Lake Trout or Brown Trout.

July King Salmon - Lake Ontario Fishing Charter
July King Salmon - Lake Ontario Fishing Charter

In some scenarios, we opt to run a "multi-species" trip where we have a few rods out for everything and bounce around Lake Ontario targeting Salmon, Lake Trout, Brown Trout, and Steelhead. These trips are a blast because you never know what you will end up with!

Come on a Lake Ontario fishing charter with us this summer!

Capt Andy

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