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Lake Ontario Fishing Report - April 26, 2023

Lake Update:

This week has been nothing short of great fishing on Lake Ontario. Mexico Bay is starting to clear up considerably with cold water. The bay has been hovering around 44-48 degrees depending on the area you are fishing in. We have some considerable rain coming up in the forecast that should get the creeks and rivers flowing good enough to create mud lines. We have relatively low winds until this weekend when it appears to kick up extremely heavy out of the southeast again. Get out and enjoy the lake while its fishing great and safe to do so!

Brown Trout Fishing Report:

Baits of choice have been Michigan Stinger spoons in Circus Freak, Chicken Wing, UV Sea Sick Waddler, and Green Glow Alewife. Our flatlines have not been taking as many fish the last few trips out, but Smithwicks in Firetiger, Bream, and Jailbreak have taken a few fish. One color leadcore setups on planer boards continue to be the dominant method for us lately. Over the past few days we have worked anywhere from 10-20FOW at 2.3-2.6mph. Watch for the water color to change as we start to get dirty water back into the bay and change your lures accordingly! We have been able to get limit bites on our recent charters out!

Lake Ontario Brown Trout Fishing Charter
Beautiful Brown Trout caught on Circus Freak Stinger spoon


If you are interested in coming out and getting on some Brown Trout or Lake Trout on Lake Ontario, BOOK HERE!

As always, be safe and have fun on the water!

Capt Andy

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