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Salmon River Fishing Report - February 5-11 2023

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

After a long hiatus from doing fishing reports, we are going to try to stay on track for a weekly fishing report for the Salmon River and Lake Ontario in their respective seasons. With that being said, let's get down to business.

The Salmon River has been hovering around 1000-2000cfs for quite some time. On February 6th, the flow was reduced to 350cfs and is now hovering at 500cfs out of the dam. To find the updated flow out of the dam, click here.


The water drop fished quite well once the fish transitioned into their low-water wintering holding areas. These areas are classic runs that are 3-5' in depth with walking-paced water. During the drop, egg sacs in white, blue, and purple fished under floats were the ticket along with a few 8mm and 10mm beads in a mottled peach and glo roe color producing a few fish as well. White jigs also accounted for a few fish if you like to fish slower/deeper runs. After the initial drop, fishing slowed up and we noticed the bite to have been slower than the previous days. The river is in good shape for the weekend and should offer good fishing. However, we are having a weather system moving through that may cause a bump in the flow once again. Only time will tell on that. If the flow out of the dam gets bumped, look to resume fishing the soft water on the edges of current seams. If the water appears stained in color, try brighter colors such as pink, peach, and chartreuse. In the winter, Steelhead will look for pockets of soft water to rest in as they work their way upriver. On a positive note, it appeared that a nice group of fresh fish entered the river early on in the week as reports of more silver fish came in. Best of luck on the river, and as always make sure to check the fishing regulations if you are planning to fish the river for the first time!

Salmon River Steelhead
Salmon River Winter Steelhead Caught on Peach Egg Sac

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Capt Andy

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