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Salmon River Fishing Report - March 12-18 2023

The spring Steelhead spawn is underway here on the Salmon River!

Flow Update:

The flow out of the dam has remained steady out of the dam at 350cfs. The snowfall total for the Tug Hill region that drains into the reservoir hovered around 20-24" of snow. This will absolutely help supply water for us into April. On Friday, the area is expecting roughly a half inch of rain along with some warmer temperatures. It is going to be hard to predict how much of the snow will melt and if it will cause the dam to release some water. Either way, it should not be a blowout if they do decide to open up the dam. The spike seen in the graph below was caused by an inconsistency out of the dam.

USGS Gauge - Salmon River at Pineville
USGS Gauge - Salmon River at Pineville

Weather Update:

As mentioned above, the local area got hit quite hard with a good amount of snow! There is now roughly a foot of snow on the banks of the river. It seems like Mother Nature decided to show up late this year! The weather for the week ahead does look more promising as we have quite a few days expected to hit the mid to high 40's. As of now, the only concern is the rain that they are anticipating hitting us Friday at roughly a half inch. We will see what this does to the water flow, but the way things are looking it shouldn't affect much.

Fishing Update:

The fishing this week has been up and down once again, but still averaging a good number of fish each day. The majority of the fish are certainly pre-spawn and in their usual funk. Along with the pre-spawn Steelhead, we have also been catching a fair number of fresh silver Steelhead as well as some post-spawn dropback fish heading to the lake. The top baits have been jigs, egg sacs, and pink worms fished under floats. Stoneflies are also producing fish on the days when there is a noticeable Little Black Stonefly hatch. We have been hitting a few fish on beads, but for now, they are not playing a big role in my day-to-day program. The main holes are still producing fish up and down the river, however, the areas in and around gravel are producing as well. Lately, there has been a lot of bank anglers as well as drift boat fisherman. As I usually mention in the reports, I always recommend giving other anglers adequate space to fish!

Salmon River Steelhead Fishing
Snowy Day Steelhead on a Jig

As always, be safe, have fun, and make sure to follow the DEC regulations for the Salmon River. If you want to get out on a drift boat trip with us, click here to book! Open Dates:

March 22,23,24,28,30

April 3,6,11,12,14,17 Capt Andy

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