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The Adirondack Park contains some of the most ideal lakes, ponds, and streams for native Brook Trout. These fish require high water quality to survive and are generally found only in clean, healthy aquatic environments.


Our fly-fishing trips to these pristine lakes, ponds, and streams for Adirondack Brook Trout generally last a whole day (8 hours) due to long round trip hikes (2-4 miles), but can be shortened to a half day if necessary.


Adirondack Brook Trout can be taken with fly rods on dry flies, nymphs, and streamers and are most effectively targeted immediately after ice-out in May and June. The fall months also offer excellent conditions as the Brook Trout begin to get ready for winter and the spawn. 


We prefer to not fish for Brook Trout in ponds during the summer as they are often stressed by warmer water temperatures and do not want to put additional strain on an already sensitive native species. The summer is a great time to fly fish for Pike and Bass in the Adirondacks, or head down to the Delaware River for large Brown Trout. 


The majority of the still-water fly fishing for Adirondack Brook Trout will be done from row boats, rafts, or our Hyde Drift Boat unless other arrangements are made.


All tackle will be provided EXCEPT waders and we're willing to accommodate most any reasonable request.  

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