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Cayuga Lake Fishing Charters

Cayuga Lake   Fishing Charters Ithaca, NY

Looking for the best fishing charter on Cayuga Lake in Ithaca, NY? Book with a trusted Cayuga Lake fishing charter today! 

Guided Cayuga Lake Fishing Charters
6 Hour Fishing Charter: $600 - Up to 3 Anglers
6 Hour Fishing Charter: $500 - 1-2 Anglers

Guided Cayuga Lake Fishing Charters   

Nestled between Seneca and Owasco Lakes, lies Cayuga Lake. Cayuga Lake is one of the true gems of the Finger Lakes Region. The lake has a healthy baitfish population that results in large fish on the end of our lines. On our 6 or 4-hour fishing charters on Cayuga Lake, we will target Brown Trout, Lake Trout, Rainbow Trout, and Landlocked Atlantic Salmon. The Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, and Landlocked Atlantic Salmon in Cayuga Lake typically range from 2-8 pounds, while the Lake Trout average is 6-10 pounds. An average 6- hour fishing charter on Cayuga Lake yields roughly 30-40 bites a trip with most charters ending in sore arms. On our Cayuga Lake fishing charters, the limit consists of 5 trout in combination. All of our Cayuga Lake fishing charters will be done on our 21' Lund Pro-V rigged with all the latest jigging and trolling gear! This boat is a true fishing platform and excels on both smooth and rough days while running fishing charters on Cayuga Lake. The boat has a full enclosure so even on the coldest and most rainy days, we can stay warm and comfortable while catching fish on your Cayuga Lake fishing charter!

Cayuga Lake Fishing Charters (March-June)


March through June are great months to come on a fishing charter on Cayuga Lake. This time of year usually offers pleasant weather and is a great way to break out of the wintertime funk. The fishing is generally outstanding. The water temps will be gradually on the rise, which will cause the fish in Cayuga Lake to go on a feeding frenzy. This is our favorite time to utilize flat lines and light lead-core outfits on our Cayuga Lake fishing charters. Stickbaits are our favorite go-to baits, but it is hard to beat the action of a Michigan Stinger spoon. This is also the BEST time of year to come and jig for trophy Lake Trout on Cayuga Lake. It is not uncommon to catch more than 40 Lake Trout on our Cayuga Lake fishing charters this time of year!


Cayuga Lake Fishing Charters (June-August) 


June through August offer up excellent fishing on our Cayuga Lake fishing charters. These months are usually quite warm and we do our best to fish during the cooler periods of the day (morning and afternoon). The thermocline will be set up perfectly, which will allow us to utilize our downrigger and dipsy diver outfits. These are methods that allow us to effectively fish deeper water. On our Summer Cayuga Lake fishing charters, we really like to utilize flasher/fly combinations to effectively target large and aggressive Lake Trout. We never get tired of watching the dipsy diver rods go off with our flasher/fly combinations! If trolling isn't your speed, the vertical jigging for Lake Trout is usually excellent! Vertical jigging with light tackle spinning rods is a super fun and effective way to target Lake Trout. 

Morning Cayuga Lake Fishing Charters 

A typical AM fishing charter on Cayuga Lake will begin by meeting your captain at sunrise. Upon picking your party up at the dock, we will head out to Cayuga Lake and begin our fishing. Trolling for these fish is the most popular and effective way to put fish in the boat. We troll with a 9-11 rod spread using a variety of methods including a lead-core line on planer boards, dipsy divers, and downriggers. Our AM fishing charters on Cayuga Lake tend to be the most productive. Vertical jigging is also another extremely fun way to catch Lake Trout! When we vertical jig for Lake Trout on our Cayuga Lake charters, we utilize light tackle spinning outfits that allow us to drop our baits right on top of the fish's nose! 

Afternoon Cayuga Lake Fishing Charters

A typical PM fishing charter on Cayuga Lake will begin by meeting your captain around 1 pm. Upon picking your party up at the dock, we will head out to Cayuga Lake and begin fishing. Just like our AM fishing charters, trolling is the most effective method and is what we specialize in. However, vertical jigging is also our specialty and something we highly encourage you to try! Our PM fishing charters are great for the afternoon crowd who wishes to sleep in and still catch plenty of fish! There are numerous days throughout the season where the PM Cayuga Lake fishing charters really pay off, with fish constantly coming overboard.

The best time to come on a Cayuga Lake fishing charter is in March, April, May, and June! These months are very productive and are a great way to enjoy the fresh Spring air! The thermocline on Cayuga Lake usually doesn't set up until early summer, so we have the luxury of catching fish in the upper part of the water column where they are actively feeding! August and September are also great months to go on a Cayuga Lake Fishing Charter. 

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