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Looking for a Salmon River fishing guide service in New York?

The Salmon River in Pulaski, NY is the most famous Lake Ontario Tributary that boasts world-class fishing 8 months out of the year and where King Salmon of up to 30 pounds are not uncommon. We offer half and full-day guided wade fishing trips and guided drift boat fishing trips on the Salmon River for Salmon and Steelhead. Guided drift boat trips on the Salmon River are a perfect way to see a large stretch of the river and to help get away from crowds. As your Salmon River fishing guide service, we strive to make each trip end with a memory that will last you a lifetime. 


Fall Fly Fishing on the Salmon River, NY

Chinook Salmon and Coho Salmon enter the Salmon River in early September and remain until late October. These fish come primed for action out of the estuary and often take anglers offerings with gusto! Our favorite way to take King Salmon and Coho Salmon on our Salmon River guided fly fishing trips is to swing large streamers, provoking aggressive strikes from fish that are fresh out of the lake. However, we also fish a lot of egg patterns in the Salmon River as salmon are very territorial towards eggs and Steelhead are also in the river ready to eat salmon eggs. On our guided fishing drift boat trips on the Salmon River we can cover a lot of water and search for aggressive fish. Although King Salmon and Coho Salmon are our main targets on guided fishing trips on the Salmon River in the months of September and October, it is not uncommon to catch early Steelhead and large migratory Brown Trout. 

Winter Fly Fishing on the Salmon River, NY


Steelhead follow, arriving in late October and remaining in the Salmon River until May. Though these fish do not spawn until Spring, they enter the Salmon River each Fall with only one thing on their minds: feed! This creates a great fishing opportunity for anglers looking to catch fresh, chrome Steelhead up to 15 pounds. On our guided fly fishing trips on the Salmon River, we target fish using egg and nymph patterns under an indicator and swing streamers with switch and spey rods searching for aggressive fish. A guided drift boat trip on the Salmon River will allow you more opportunities at catching a Steelhead as we can cover a lot of water. The Steelhead fishing on the Salmon River in the months of January and February can be very productive and offer solitude as the weather can deter the large crowds associated with the Salmon River. Your Salmon River fishing guide will make sure you are where you need to be to hook up to these fresh Steelhead!

Spring Fly Fishing on the Salmon River, NY 


Come Spring the Steelhead will have spawned and will be heading back from the Salmon River to Lake Ontario. On their way back to the lake, the Steelhead begin to feed heavily on eggs, nymphs, and baitfish to recoup from the rigors of the spawn. This creates some of the best Steelhead fishing of the year as their aggressive behavior makes them susceptible to being caught on the fly. Spring Steelhead fishing on the Salmon River is certainly something every fly angler must experience. High water in the Spring creates excellent conditions for a guided Salmon River drift boat trip. Your Salmon River fishing guide will put you where you need to be to hook up with these feisty Steelhead!

Plug Fishing King Salmon - Salmon River, NY

Although we are fly fishing enthusiasts, nothing beats the excitement of watching large King Salmon smash a plug worked behind our drift boat. We offer full and half day guided drift boat fishing trips on the Salmon River where our main focus will be to run plugs for King Salmon. Our job as your Salmon River fishing guide will be to position the boat and lures where the fish are, giving you the enjoyment of reeling in these large fish! Plug fishing on the Salmon River is a great way to cover large areas of water in a very efficient manner. High water during Salmon season creates superb plug fishing that you don't want to miss out on. If you would like to fish plugs and also fly fish, let your Salmon River fishing guide know and it can be accommodated. 

Float Fishing Steelhead - Salmon River, NY


When the water temperature on the Salmon River drops in the fall, proper presentation of bait becomes extremely crucial. This is where float fishing with spinning tackle comes into play. Float fishing with spinning gear is the most effective method for catching Steelhead on the Salmon River in Pulaski, NY due to the fact that we have ultimate control over the presentation of our baits. By using long spinning rods or centerpin rods, we can make sure that our bait is hovering around the bottom and moving the same speed as the current. On our Salmon River guided drift boat fishing trips, we will position ourselves in the best pools and runs where we have greater ease of getting a proper drift to catch these trophy Steelhead. This ultimately leads to more fish in the net. Don't miss out on the great Steelhead fishing that the Salmon River in Pulaski, NY has to offer!

All tackle will be provided EXCEPT waders and we're willing to accommodate most any reasonable request. 

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