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Lake Ontario Fishing Report - April 18, 2023

Hi everyone! I apologize for the break in reports as we are transitioning from our Salmon River drift boat trips to our Lake Ontario charters!

Lake Update:

This past week has been very warm with temperatures soaring into the 80s. As a result, some pockets of water in Mexico Bay peaked near 58 degrees! The cold weather the last two days really helped us out with getting temperatures back down into the mid-40s where the Brown Trout will be able to slide back in and feed along the shorelines. There has been a lot of colored water from Oswego all the way up to the Ponds. This has really scattered the fish and made it difficult to find consistent numbers of fish. This colder weather and along with some west winds coming up should pack the color close to the shoreline. Look for the fishing to get much better as we head toward the weekend! The reports from the lake today look very promising!

Brown Trout Fishing Report:

Baits of choice have been Smithwicks in natural colors such as Black/Silver, Jailbreak, and Bream. Both the small and large sizes have been taking fish. Michigan Stinger spoons in colors such as UV Sea Sick Waddler, Frost Byte, Black Widow, UV Diehard, and Gold Perch have been good on 1 color lead core setups. The best depth range has been 8-15 FOW. Speeds around 2.5-2.7mph have been best. Expect the Brown Trout fishing to be good heading into the weekend.

Brown Trout Lake Ontario Charters
Nice Brown Trout Caught on a Smithwick Bream

Lake Trout Fishing Report:

Baits of choice have been Blue/Silver and Chartreuse/Glow Cowbells. I personally prefer the 4/0 size as they do not have as much pull as the 5/0 blades do. Behind the cowbells, I am running Lake Trout Rigs from Rapture Trolling Flies in Green Hornet UV and Wild Fern. Speeds 1.7-2.0mph. The best depths have been 130-150 FOW. We have been able to get our client's limits of Lake Trout in short order lately!

Lake Trout Fishing Charters
Lake Trout Caught on a Green/Glow Cowbell Rig


If you are interested in coming out and getting on some Brown Trout and Lake Trout on Lake Ontario, book here!

As always, be safe and have fun on the water!

Capt Andy

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