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Lake Trout Jigging - Cayuga Lake 2022

Vertical jigging for Lake Trout on Cayuga Lake is arguably the most fun and engaging tactic of catching fish in the Northeast. Lake Trout are often regarded as sluggish bottom feeders. What you will experience on a day of jigging for Lake Trout on Cayuga Lake, I can guarantee your opinion of the fish will change. These fish are extremely aggressive and will often times chase your bait for more than 60' before crushing it! We use high end Humminbird sonar equipment to locate and catch these fish. Our Minn Kota Terrova electric trolling motor with it's "spot lock" feature keeps us right on top of the fish. Having the proper gear to go out and target these fish is extremely important!

Cayuga Lake Fishing Charter
Lake Trout - Cayuga Lake

The average size of the Lake Trout in Cayuga Lake are 4-6 pounds with many exceeding 10 pounds. They migrate up and down the lake feeding and seeking baitfish. We stay on top of the fish throughout the entire season and make sure our rods are bent all day long! Our 21' Lund Pro-V is extremely spacious and comfortable fishing 4 people without an issue. The most important thing about fishing on Cayuga Lake is moving around and not getting stuck in one location. The lake is vast and you never know what you might stumble upon by simply moving 20' away from where you caught your previous fish.

Cayuga Lake Fishing Charter
Early Spring Lake Trout Jigging

If you like catching aggressive fish and lots of them, I would highly recommend coming out and trying your hand at Lake Trout jigging on Cayuga Lake. Our season goes from March to November weather depending. We book out in advance for these trips, so if this is something you want to do, I suggest reaching out as soon as possible! I hope to see you on the water this season! Best of luck and tight lines!

Capt Andy

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