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Salmon River Fishing Report - February 12-18 2023

As promised, we will be keeping this weekly fishing report updated every Thursday!


This week we were faced with unseasonably warm temperatures nearing 60 degrees! The river was fairly busy but the fishing remained consistent. Look for air temperatures to remain in the 30-40 range for the next few days before it starts to cool up again heading into later next week.


The flow out of the dam is now at 1200CFS and has been for several days. In the last report, I hinted that the flows could bump due to the rain and warm weather melting the remaining snow we had. I am anticipating that the flow will be reduced by the weekend, however, it is certainly not a guarantee. We do not have a lot of precipitation in the forecast and temperatures will start to drop as we head into later next week. Although the fishing has been steady in the high water, it would be nice to see a 500-750cfs release from the dam.

USGS Flow Salmon River


The fish are continuing to hold in their classic winter runs and deeper pools. It is important to work each hole thoroughly with a wide variety of baits before you head on to the next hole. Do not be afraid to fish different sizes and colors of egg sacs, beads, and jigs. If the water drops, adding in natural nymph patterns could be effective! The water is currently very clear, so natural color beads and egg sacs have been best. While float fishing, you will want to ensure that you are rigged deep enough for the run you are fishing. A tip to make sure you are in the strike zone is to increase the depth of your rig each drift until you start to hit bottom, then adjust the depth until you only tick bottom every few drifts. There are a lot of undersized Steelhead in the river right now. Steelhead must be 25" to keep on the Salmon River with a bag limit of 1 fish per person. As always be sure to check the New York State regulations before hitting the water!

Salmon River Fishing Guide Pulaski NY
Beautiful Winter Salmon River Steelhead Caught On a Bead

If you would like to get out on a drift boat trip, click here!

Best of luck out there,

Capt Andy

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