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Cayuga Lake - Lake Trout Bonanza - May 2022

The fishing on Cayuga Lake for Lake Trout has been nothing short of amazing for the past two months. We have been jigging in the 130-180' contours with much success! The name of the game continues to be hit a few fish, move a few more feet and hit another pod of fish and keep on going! Staying on top of the fish has led us to put up huge numbers of fish in the boat on our recent outings. Landing 30+ fish a trip continues to be the norm! Jigging with swimbaits and tubes continues to be the number one and two producers of Lake Trout for us. As always white continues to be King!

Lake Trout Cayuga Lake Fishing Charter
Sunrise Lake Trout for Matt

The bite has been hot from sunrise to sunset with no time seeming to be better than others. I anticipate this bite going strong until we see changes in the water that would warrant these fish to go on the move. The jig bite stays strong all season, but is at its peak in the spring and fall. The last dates I have for May on Cayuga are as follows:

AM OR PM: May 4,6,17,19,20,21

PM Only: May 18,25,26,27,28,29,31

AM or PM 6 Hour Charter: $450 for 2 people, $525 for 3 people

PM 4 Hour Charter: $350 for up to 3 people

Capt Andy

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