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Fall 2021: Salmon Season!

With August coming to an end, the signs of fall are well on the way! The leaves are changing colors, the days are getting shorter, and most importantly the salmon are coming!

This year we filled our calendar much sooner than expected and we couldn't be more grateful for that. Unlike last year where we were faced with drought situations throughout the entire fall, we have plenty of water this year. In fact, the Salmon River has been running high all summer and the reservoir is full. This is excellent news as we will be able to run our drift boat again during Salmon Season on the Salmon River! Not only are the water levels perfect, but the water temperatures are also much lower than usual. These two combined usually equate to the signs of an earlier run, but only time will tell. Just talking about it gets me excited to run plugs in the drift boat again!

Salmon River Fishing Guide NY
King Salmon Caught on a J-13

Run Prediction: Based off our experience on the lake this summer, we are looking at an average run of fish on the Salmon River. The numbers are consistent with previous years. However, the size of this years fish are much bigger. There have been numerous 30+ pound King Salmon caught in the lake this year. They will continue to grow until they get in their staging mode, which is coming soon. It also looks like there are a fair amount of Coho Salmon hanging around the mouth of the Salmon River too.

Salmon River NY Fishing Guide
Fresh King Salmon 2020

Tip: Try casting J-13 Rapala's or K11 Kwikfish in some of the bigger pools on the river! The fish are aggressive and will hit your lure!!! BE PATIENT AND TRY IT!

Although we are booked full for Salmon Season on the Salmon River in Pulaski, NY, we have plenty dates available for Steelhead in the months of November through April. Come join us on the river in our heated drift boat and hook up with some dime bright Steelhead!

I will update this throughout the season!

Tight Lines,


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