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King Salmon Bonanza! - Lake Ontario May 2024

I am going to be starting weekly reports on the fishing on Lake Ontario this season so you can all check in and see what is going on!

Let's start this week off by summing up what has been happening on Lake Ontario lately. The King Salmon fishing this Spring has been relatively unprecedented off Oswego and Mexico Bay. Limit catches of King Salmon have been the norm for almost three weeks running now. Things appear to be slowing a touch, but we are still experiencing great fishing. The Brown Trout fishing has also been very good too when the conditions are right (stained water with a shallower mud line).

The hot tickets for King Salmon have been Stingray sized spoons on our downriggers and dipsy divers. The bite has been so good that we have not been running leadcore or copper line for the most part. For those running copper and leadcore, popular outfits have been 250 and 300 coppers along with 2 through 8 color leadcores getting the job done. Hot spoon colors have been Black Widow, Black Wiggle, NBK, Two Face, Fat Nancy, FN Wiggle, and Green Glow Alewife, (Pretty staple spoons). Fish have been scattered and moving, when you find them you can usually get them to go! We have been seeing them shallow and deep so stay alert!

The hot tickets for Brown Trout have been Stinger sized spoons on downriggers and 1 color and 2 color leadcores. We use Chinook Divers as well depending on the bite. Hot colors have been Chicken Wing, Rosemary's Baby, Yellow Killer, Circus Freak, Green Glow Alewife, Sea Sick Waddler, and Black Widow. (Once again, staples)

Lake Ontario Salmon Fishing
Maine Crew with a 4 - man limit

If you are interested in booking a trip please shoot us an email or give us a call!

Capt Andy

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