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Lake Ontario Fishing Report - April 24, 2023

Lake Update:

Over the weekend we experienced some very heavy south winds along with some cooler air temperatures than we had last week. Right now Mexico Bay is in the reset phase back to typical April fishing conditions with mid-40-degree water temperatures and colored water. It appears that larger bait is moving into the bay as we have been finding them in the stomach contents of the fish we have been catching, along with marking it on our graphs. The fish are spread out in all the major key areas along the bay with no spots in general seeming to fish better than others. This will change as mud lines and temperatures develop again. The best thing to do is set up in an area based on wind, water temp, and color and troll until you end up on the fish then continue to make passes through that group of fish. The weather and lake conditions are looking great for this week's fishing!

Brown Trout Fishing Report:

Baits of choice have been Smithwicks in natural colors again such as Jailbreak, Black/Silver, and Bream. However, Firetiger has also been taking a few fish for us. The majority of our fish however have come on lead core setups and Chinook Divers with Michigan Stinger spoons in the Stinger size. Productive colors this week have been Circus Freak, Chicken Wing, Caddyshack, UV Black Tux, UV Purple Clown, and Green Glow Alewife. The depths that we fished this weekend were from 12-30FOW but we did also venture out to 50FOW where we encountered some Brown Trout and juvenile King Salmon as well. The best speeds have been 2.5 to 2.7mph.

Lake Ontario Brown Trout
Young angler with a nice Brown Trout!

Lake Trout Fishing Report

Baits of choice have been Blue/Silver and Chartreuse/Glow Cowbells. Check out Woody's Tackle Shop on Route 3 for great custom spin n glo rigs tied up in the shop. They have a great selection of colors to match to the cowbells. The orange head/silver body spin n glos have been fantastic. The best depths are still 130-150FOW. Speeds 1.7-2.0mph. We are still seeing limit catches on Lake Trout each trip out!

Lake Ontario Lake Trout
Nice Lake Trout caught on a Chartreuse/Glow Cowbell Rig


If you are interested in coming out and getting on some Brown Trout and Lake Trout on Lake Ontario, BOOK HERE!

As always, be safe and have fun on the water!

Capt Andy

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