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Lake Ontario Fishing Report - May 3, 2023

Wow. That's the one word I can use to summarize my reaction to the fishing that we have been experiencing on Lake Ontario the last week. From crazy Brown Trout fishing, to keying in on early Spring King Salmon bites, its been a blast!

Lake Update:

This week we have been having full boxes of Brown Trout within the first few hours of the charter. The color is perfect, the temperature is on the colder side, but overall it has been great!! The creeks and rivers are high and muddy, creating mud lines for superb shoreline Brown Trout fishing. The main lake is hovering around 42-45 degrees. We have low winds in the forecast for the next few days, which should keep the conditions relatively the same (fingers crossed). As the waters clear from the storm, push out a little deeper but work the same areas. Often times these browns will slip a little deeper once the shorelines begin to clear.

Brown Trout Fishing Report:

Baits of choice have been Michigan Stinger spoons in Circus Freak, Chartreuse Alewife, Sodus Point Buckeye, Chicken Wing, Black Widow, and Fat Nancy. As of our next trip out (tomorrow), I will be removing the flat lines from the spread to switch over to spoons with added split shot on the flat line rods. The stickbaits have been very unproductive for us, while the spoon bite remains red hot. We have been fishing the same depths between 10-25FOW near the creek mouths. With the water color on the dirtier side, the fish have been liking it a little slower around 2.2-2.5mph. Watch the water color and change your baits accordingly!

Lake Ontario Fishing Charters
Quick 3 man limit of Brown Trout!

King Salmon Fishing Report:

While Lake Trout fishing the other day, I stumbled onto a very good King Salmon bite. At first, I thought this may be a fluke or one off scenario. However, after a few more trips out these fish are still there in abundance. Fingers crossed they don't leave! Our best baits for Kings have been Stingray sized spoons on divers and downriggers. Top colors have been UV Green Gator, NBK, Black Widow, and Sea Sick Waddler. Best speeds have been 2.1-2.5mph. Fish anywhere from 90-150FOW.

Lake Ontario Fishing Charters
Spring King Salmon Caught on a Black Widow Spoon


If you are interested in coming out and getting on some Brown Trout, Lake Trout, or King Salmon on Lake Ontario, BOOK HERE!

As always, be safe and have fun on the water!

Capt Andy

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