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Salmon River 2019 Mid Salmon Season Update

The 2019 Salmon Season on the Salmon River in Pulaski, NY has been well underway for roughly one month now. The river has fish top to bottom from the Upper Fly Zone all the way down to the DSR. Due to unseasonably warm temperatures, the bulk of the fish remain out in the lake and estuary waiting to stick their nose into the river. There is rain and strong winds in the forecast with decreasing temperatures. This should equate to the official start of the main run, but it is entirely possible that we will continue to see small pushes of fish rather than one large run. For now, the fish have been moving in the low light periods (morning and night) and can be targeted in shallower riffles. Once the sun hits the river, the majority of the fish are holding in the larger pools where they can rest and seek thermal refuge. In addition to the King Salmon, there have been plenty of Coho Salmon around as well.

Salmon River Fishing Guide NY
Coho Salmon from a recent guide trip

Good luck out there and tight lines!

- Andrew

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