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Salmon River Fishing Report - February 26-March 4 2023

What an interesting week it was on the Salmon River!

Flow Update:

The water flow this week was all over the place, but overall went from 1200CFS out of the dam early on in the week to 350CFS as we are writing this report right now. With a lack of any major rain or snow event, Brookfield decided to drop the river slowly in stages. This could change heading into the weekend due to a fairly large storm on the way but only time will tell!

USGS Gauge Salmon River Pulaski NY
USGS Gauge - Pineville Bridge Salmon RIver

Weather Update:

Just like the water flows, the weather was up and down. For the most part, it was pretty chilly with last weekend dropping down to a low of 0 degrees and a high of 18 degrees. There were a few warmer days mixed in to even it out. The last several days have been enjoyable in the mid 30's. There appears to be a large storm moving in Friday night into Saturday morning. If you are driving up in the morning, please drive safely. Snow total estimates could be 8-12".

Fishing Update:

Compared to last week, the fishing has started to really pick up with the drop in water flow. The weekend fished quite well considering the cold temperatures! Now that the water has dropped to 350CFS, the fish are concentrated in all the normal runs and pools down the entire river. The best news about this is that if you aren't hitting them, keep on moving! There are lots of great runs with public access up and down the river and the majority of them are fishing well so don't be afraid to spread out and get away from other anglers! The key to success the past few days has been float fishing with natural color egg sacs with blue, white, peach, and purple taking most of our fish. Jigs fished under floats in white and olive are also producing a fair number of fish. Beads played less of a role for us this week, but are still producing fish when nothing else is! With the low water, don't be afraid to run 8mm beads rather than 10mm beads. There is a mix of fresh fish, actively spawning fish, pre-spawn fish, and even a few dropbacks in the mix.

Salmon River Steelhead Fishing
Salmon River Steelhead Caught on Purple Egg Sac

As always, be safe, have fun, and make sure to follow the DEC regulations for the Salmon River. With the river fishing good from top to bottom, make sure to give other anglers adequate space!

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Capt Andy

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