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Salmon River Fishing Report - March 19-25 2023

Here comes the Spring runoff!

Flow Update:

The week started off with a flow of 350CFS out of the dam. On the 21st we saw a bump to 750CFS and on the 22nd we saw a bump to 1200CFS. The snow in the Tug Hill region is melting quickly due to warm air temperatures along with a fair amount of rain. The rain we are getting today and the remainder of the weekend should do its part in melting the majority of what snow is left behind. I anticipate the flow to either stay the same or even bump once more before we hit the weekend. Despite the higher flows, the fishing has remained steady.

USGS Gauge - Pineville Bridge

Weather Update:

This week we are experiencing warmer air temperatures in the upper 40s and mid 50s along with a fair amount of rain. These weather events have caused the dam to bump the flows to 1200CFS. As of now, the next big rain storm will be on Saturday. There is a chance that the power company will once again bump the flows in anticipation of this rain, but it is not a guarantee. It looks like the warmer weather is here to stay for a while as daytime high temperatures will be averaging in the low 40s.

Fishing Update:

Despite the bump in water flows, the fishing has remained steady and most anglers have been able to land their fair share of fish. The river is still fishing steadily from top to bottom with fresh fish, spawning fish, and drop back fish in the mix. The ticket lately has been egg sacs in blue, peach, pink, and white fished under floats. Pink worms and beads are also picking up their share of fish as well. In this higher water, 12mm beads tend to work the best. A wide variety of bead colors are great for fishing in the spring. Natural colors along with brighter colors such as chartreuse will produce. The Salmon River Fish Hatchery began their egg take process earlier in the week. Once they finish with this process, they will release the fish back into the river. The next few weeks ahead should offer some excellent fishing on the Salmon River.

Salmon River Steelhead Fishing
Salmon River Steelhead Caught on a Blue Egg Sac

As always, be safe, have fun, and make sure to follow the DEC regulations for the Salmon River. With the river fishing good from top to bottom, make sure to give other anglers adequate space!

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Capt Andy

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