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Salmon River Fishing Report - March 5-11 2023

Winter finally decided to show up after a rather warm winter so far!

Flow Update:

The Salmon River has been flowing 350CFS out of the dam steadily now for about a week. This is not forecasted to change as we head into the weekend. There is a little storm that is going to pop up early into next week and could cause some flow changes but for now, it looks like 350CFS out of the dam is here to stay for a while. The bumps you see in the flow chart are very minuscule and are caused by runoff from tributaries.

USGS Gauge Salmon River

Weather Update:

The weather this past week has been pretty snotty, to say the least. We had a few decent snow storms pumping out 3-5" of snow on the ground along with some cold temperatures and high winds. Although this weather isn't the most enjoyable to be out in, the fish definitely didn't seem to be bothered! This upcoming week looks like low temperatures around the low 20's and high temperatures near the mid and upper 30's along with a few days that might get near 40. The only precipitation in sight is Monday through Tuesday with a mix of snow and rain. Estimates, for now, are 2-4".

Fishing Report:

The fishing this last week certainly had its ups and downs like we usually expect in March with changing weather conditions and the spawning behavior of Steelhead. However, more often than not the bite was quite solid with a good number of hookups and fish landed each trip out. We are still seeing a mix of chrome bright Steelhead fresh from Lake Ontario as well as darker fish that have been in the river for a long period of time and are getting prepared to spawn. In addition, we are still seeing a good number of dropback fish heading toward Lake Ontario. The egg sac bite has not been as consistent as it was last week, but it is still producing its fair share of fish. The same natural colors such as blue, white, peach, and purple are working well. Jigs and flies such as stonefly nymphs fished under floats are definitely playing a bigger role now as we are seeing larger numbers of little black stoneflies hatch on the banks of the river. Pink worms fished under a float are another staple this time of year. The river is still fishing steady from top to bottom so keep on moving if you aren't finding the action you would like to see!

Salmon River Steelhead Fishing
Salmon River Steelhead Caught on a White Egg Sac

As always, be safe, have fun, and make sure to follow the DEC regulations for the Salmon River. With the river fishing good from top to bottom, make sure to give other anglers adequate space!

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Capt Andy

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