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Salmon River Steelhead Fishing NY - Feb 2020

The steelhead fishing on the Salmon River in Pulaski, NY continues to improve with fresh fish still pushing up into the system. As the weather continues to get colder and colder, the crowds are slowly thinning out on the river. Less crowds and more steelhead make for an excellent time on the river! The key to success has been achieving a dead drift and presenting flies under indicators in the slower and deeper runs of the Salmon River. In addition, it is important to note the flows on the Salmon River before hitting the water. The higher the flows, the more likely the fish will be located closer to the bank. The lower the flows, the more likely the fish will be in the center of the runs. On our guided Salmon River fishing trips, we will consistently put you where the fish regardless of the conditions.

Fly Fishing Salmon River Steelhead

The steelhead above was caught on a guided fly fishing trip on the Salmon River using a dead drifted fly under an indicator with 6lb fluorocarbon tippet. When steelhead fishing on the Salmon River in the winter, it is important to use thin diameter tippet as these fish are heavily pressured and become line shy.

Best of luck on the water!

- Andrew

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