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Salmon Run Anticipation 2019 - Pulaski, NY


August has finally arrived! This is the one month mark until King Salmon and Coho Salmon start entering the Salmon River in Pulaski, NY! Every year, a whitewater release is scheduled for Labor Day Weekend, (if there is enough water in the reservoir). This bump in water flows will typically bring in the first run of Kings and Cohos into the Salmon River. The two major factors that affect when and how many fish will run up the river is dictated by water temperature and water flow. The salmon are more likely to run up the river during periods of cool water temperatures and higher flows. Wind is another factor that we take into account, but is not as important as water temperature and water flow. After the whitewater release Labor Day Weekend, you can count on steady numbers of fish trickling in until early/mid October given that weather conditions allow.

Salmon River King Salmon Fishing
Salmon River King Salmon


Now is the time to break out your gear and make a checklist to ensure that you are prepared for the when the Salmon start to run. It is important to make sure that your waders do not have any leaks, fresh line is on your reel, flies are tied (lots of them), and your NYS Fishing License is valid. It is also important to check up on the Lake Ontario Tributary regulations, in particular that of the Salmon River in Pulaski, NY. Each year game wardens issue many citations to those not obeying the law. It is your responsibility as an angler to make sure you are fishing ethically!

Salmon River Coho Salmon Fishing
Salmon River Coho Salmon


The best way to ease the learning curve of fishing for Salmon and Steelhead on the Salmon River is by hiring a licensed guide. It is my duty as your guide to provide you with the knowledge and instruction needed to succeed on the river. During our trip, I will go over the rigging and equipment I use, how to locate holding fish, and what flies/lures to use. In addition, floating the river in our Hyde Drift Boat will allow you learn various spots on the river that can be accessed by foot.

I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable time on the river this fall and I will provide more updates when the salmon start to run! Tight lines and fish on!!

- Andrew

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