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Steelhead Fishing 2021-2022 Update!

Hi Folks!

We have been fishing the Salmon River for Steelhead hard since November. So far, the fishing has been great with fish coming to the net every trip. It seems that this year we have a greater number of fish in the system compared to last year. The water on the Salmon River stayed high from mid October until now, which has allowed the Steelhead to swim up the river with ease.

Salmon River Steelhead
Salmon River Steelhead

The best fishing on the Salmon River has come when we are float fishing with spinning rods using a variety of egg sacks and bead combinations. However, we are still putting our fair share of fish in the hoop back-trolling plugs as well. Our fly fisherman have had a little more difficult time this fall with the high water, but still managed a few fish each trip.

I would anticipate that the Steelhead fishing on the Salmon River will only continue to get better as we approach the spawn in Spring. The fish have settled into their "winter water", which makes locating the fish very predictable. The challenging part now is changing up presentations to get these fish to snap! Once the water warms up in Spring, these fish will transition to gravel and start snapping even better!

Salmon River Steelhead
Salmon River Steelhead

Our calendar is filling up fast for Steelhead fishing on the Salmon River in the Spring and I would recommend booking sooner than later if you are interested to catching some beautiful Steelhead on the Salmon River! Click here to book!

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